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Traditional Style: Comfort With a Hint of Chic

Classical and comfortable are signatures of the traditional look. Interiors tend to have a sense of familiarity and consistency, with classic furniture and pieces that match. The placement of furnishings and accessories also tends to be symmetrical. Traditional doesn’t have to be boring, however, and there’s room to add in some modern twists without veering too far off course.

Common features: The traditional style usually consists of rich wood tones such as walnut, cherry, and mahogany. Darker woods tend to be popular. The use of patterns such as floral, paisley, or chinoiserie prints is common in furnishings, pillows, and beddings. Earthy, mid-tones are the most common colors. There’s usually a mix of wood furniture with straight and curvy lines. Window coverings tend to be classic, and draperies or valances are commonly used.

What to watch out for: Don’t let the home appear too dated. “When the architecture of the home is traditional, it’s always a good idea to stage it ‘transitionally’ so that it will appeal to a much broader audience but still work with the integrity of the home,” says Audra Slinkey, president of the Home Staging Resource, a national training and certification company. Strive for a contemporary blend of traditional and modern styles.

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Why Your Home Should Include A CourtYard!

House Plans with Courtyards have always been popular in the warmest climates. But about a decade ago they started to move north, showing up in new-home communities in temperate climates.
Courtyard plans have only gained in popularity since then, based on several recent newspaper articles, industry show homes, and my visits to dozens of new-home communities each year.
Courtyards are a great way to integrate outdoor space into your home’s footprint, a more aesthetically pleasing alternative than tacking on a deck or patio in back.

When courtyard plans first resurfaced in the mid-2000s, Builder magazine did focus group research with homeowners to find out whether they were a keeper. We half-expected the research participants to dismiss them as a passing fad. Instead, the research unearthed a desire for multiple outdoor refuges – a place off the kitchen to drink morning coffee, an enclosure off the bathroom to practice yoga or take an outdoor shower, and of course a big courtyard in back for parties or evening cocktails.

Another reason to consider a courtyard home; they afford a better opportunity to enjoy the architecture of your home. Sitting in the courtyard provides a three-sided view of the stone, wood, and metal used to construct your house. And, you can enjoy similar views from inside the home, assuming the design incorporates an appropriate amount of glass in the right places. Those kinds of views aren’t available in the typical rectangular home with a straight-line foundation in the back.

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North East Corfu – Real Estate

1st of August today and it’s perfect time of summer to visit Corfu!

What’s the weather like in Corfu in August : Holiday Weather 

Things to do in Corfu in August

If you’re visiting Corfu Town, the Achillion Palace in the village of Gastouri is a must-see. This palace was built by the Empress Elisabeth of Austria as a retreat from the life of the Austrian Court and was later to feature in the Bond movie For Your Eyes Only.

Get out of town and explore the Byzantine ruins of Angelokastro. Located on the highest peak near Paleokastritsa, this 305m (1,000ft) citadel served as the capital of Corfu from the 14th to the 16th centuries. It was a main fortification in defence against possible Venetian invaders.

Alternatively, you can charter a boat out to the Diapondia Islands, just northwest of Corfu.