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Our secret to the successful design of a luxury villa.

At North East Corfu Real Estate, we are not only interested in finding something beautiful. We are interested in finding something friendly and special, a villa that touches your soul and will be more than just a simple house.


For these reasons, and as we mentioned in our previous article titled “What are the Features to Look Out for Buying a Luxury Villa”, we believe that in a design of a country luxury villa the design features must pass a message simple and clear. With attention to minimalism, sometimes too overly minimalist can lead to something that seems cold. Our architecture plans are trying to be very friendly and emotionally touching for each and every customer.


In our design, we do not try to solve a problem and find new solutions. We go one step further and try to look into the history of an area, an architecture, an object and tie it to your your needs.


When we create a space we try not to destroy the natural environment in which our house belongs. We try to live with the environment. To create a villa that blends perfectly with the natural environment of the area and highlights its natural beauty. We try to make a construction that you will be proud of living in.


The stone (from our region), the wood and the glass create beautiful natural surfaces and we try to tie them together, in complete harmony with the green slopes and the endless blue of the Ionian Sea.


Visit our villas, through our site and get a taste of the space and architecture of each villa. Wander around and let the pictures create their own feelings. Look for your own architectural design oasis in North East Corfu and contact us to help and guide you.


With respect the team of North East Corfu Real Estate.

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