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The environmental footprint of a luxury villa.


At East Corfu Real Estate, we are proud to represent some of the most exclusive luxury villas on the North East side of the island of Corfu. But our goal is not to have a lot of listings in our portfolio. Our goal is to provide high-quality services to both parties we represent. Both to the owners who have trusted us and to you who want to find the best choice for your dream house or villa.


In this effort, our environmental consciousness plays a key role in the construction of a villa. That’s why every construction we represent does not ignore factors related to adaptation to climatic conditions, construction ways and materials to ensure its sustainability, regardless of the weather conditions of each time of the year.


In this area, we are not negotiating the financial costs. It is the piece that in long term is going to give the best result to future generations of our planet. The constructions we represent, with the materials we use, are admirable with the enormous energy savings in the use of cost-effective energy sources such as electricity and oil.


Visit our villas, through our site and get a taste of the space and architecture of each villa. Wander around and let the pictures create their own feelings. Look for your own architectural design oasis in North East Corfu and contact us to help and guide you.


With respect the team of North East Corfu Real Estate.

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