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The Old Venetian Houses of Corfu Town

It is clear that the architecture of Corfu was sealed in the 18th and the 19th century with various examples of buildings that have made Corfu Town one of the most impressive European cities.

Even from antiquity, Corfu was a fortified city with two ports and the agora surrounded by impressive buildings, palaces and forts. During the Byzantine era, Corfu island was constantly raided by pirates and at that time many fortresses and castles were built like the Angel Castle, the Gardiki Castle and the impressive Fortress of Saint Mark, also known as the New Fortress in Corfu Town.

Its all too easy to wonder away from the few busy streets and find yourself in another era, narrow streets between tall buildings with cloths hanging to dry between balconies, old people looking after their flowers, had it not been for the annoying presence of cars and scooters, it would be a scene out of a Hollywood film about Venice.

This small but colorful city has an addictive quality which cannot be explained, only experienced, there are countless people who have fallen for this mysterious attraction, some just keep coming back, some simply never left.

You can see here some Venetian buildings from Corfu Town.

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