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Which are the features we need to pay particular attention when investing in a country house (villa)?


Always apply the triptych of Vitruvius (Roman writer, architect and engineer) “firmitas, utilitas, commoditas, venustas” or in English “endurance, usability, comfort and beauty”.

Traditionally, the villa is a type of home that has the purpose of enjoying everyday living. Especially for the villas that our office North East Corfu Real Estate has the honour to represent in the north-eastern part of Corfu we are talking about a luxurious and comfortable living.

But these needs are not just the needs of a simple and formal living, but we refer to the needs of psychological calmness and mental uplift. Such a place we do not just expect to give you a calm living during the summer months but to touch your soul and to become a port of calm that you would like to visit again next summer.

For these reasons, the villa must also express the personality, dynamism and discretion of its owners, giving you the best possible result in your life.

Here comes the role of Gaia property development with which North East Corfu Real Estate has been working over the years and making us one. Our team of architects, engineers and designers are ready to talk to you and help you express your deeper psychological needs for creating the villa expansion, renovation or shaping of your home. It is the point that our team aims to add to the inanimate material, a powerful dose of emotion.

Visit our villas, through our site and get a taste of the space and architecture of each villa. Wander around and let the pictures create their own feelings. Look for your own architectural design oasis in North East Corfu and contact us to help and guide you.

With respect the team of North East Corfu Real Estate.

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