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GAIA : Property Developement (Luxury House In Corfu Town)

Gaia encompassing activities, that ranges from the research, investigation and survey for the purchase of raw land, to design and study, construct, till the use of the project and servicing during the operation. As developers, we are the coordinators of the activities, converting ideas inspired on paper, into real property.

We build projects, create, imagine, control and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end.


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Traditional Style: Comfort With a Hint of Chic

Classical and comfortable are signatures of the traditional look. Interiors tend to have a sense of familiarity and consistency, with classic furniture and pieces that match. The placement of furnishings and accessories also tends to be symmetrical. Traditional doesn’t have to be boring, however, and there’s room to add in some modern twists without veering too far off course.

Common features: The traditional style usually consists of rich wood tones such as walnut, cherry, and mahogany. Darker woods tend to be popular. The use of patterns such as floral, paisley, or chinoiserie prints is common in furnishings, pillows, and beddings. Earthy, mid-tones are the most common colors. There’s usually a mix of wood furniture with straight and curvy lines. Window coverings tend to be classic, and draperies or valances are commonly used.

What to watch out for: Don’t let the home appear too dated. “When the architecture of the home is traditional, it’s always a good idea to stage it ‘transitionally’ so that it will appeal to a much broader audience but still work with the integrity of the home,” says Audra Slinkey, president of the Home Staging Resource, a national training and certification company. Strive for a contemporary blend of traditional and modern styles.

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Why Your Home Should Include A CourtYard!

House Plans with Courtyards have always been popular in the warmest climates. But about a decade ago they started to move north, showing up in new-home communities in temperate climates.
Courtyard plans have only gained in popularity since then, based on several recent newspaper articles, industry show homes, and my visits to dozens of new-home communities each year.
Courtyards are a great way to integrate outdoor space into your home’s footprint, a more aesthetically pleasing alternative than tacking on a deck or patio in back.

When courtyard plans first resurfaced in the mid-2000s, Builder magazine did focus group research with homeowners to find out whether they were a keeper. We half-expected the research participants to dismiss them as a passing fad. Instead, the research unearthed a desire for multiple outdoor refuges – a place off the kitchen to drink morning coffee, an enclosure off the bathroom to practice yoga or take an outdoor shower, and of course a big courtyard in back for parties or evening cocktails.

Another reason to consider a courtyard home; they afford a better opportunity to enjoy the architecture of your home. Sitting in the courtyard provides a three-sided view of the stone, wood, and metal used to construct your house. And, you can enjoy similar views from inside the home, assuming the design incorporates an appropriate amount of glass in the right places. Those kinds of views aren’t available in the typical rectangular home with a straight-line foundation in the back.

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North East Corfu – Real Estate

1st of August today and it’s perfect time of summer to visit Corfu!

What’s the weather like in Corfu in August : Holiday Weather 

Things to do in Corfu in August

If you’re visiting Corfu Town, the Achillion Palace in the village of Gastouri is a must-see. This palace was built by the Empress Elisabeth of Austria as a retreat from the life of the Austrian Court and was later to feature in the Bond movie For Your Eyes Only.

Get out of town and explore the Byzantine ruins of Angelokastro. Located on the highest peak near Paleokastritsa, this 305m (1,000ft) citadel served as the capital of Corfu from the 14th to the 16th centuries. It was a main fortification in defence against possible Venetian invaders.

Alternatively, you can charter a boat out to the Diapondia Islands, just northwest of Corfu.

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Skopos Design Architecture & Landscape

 Skopos Design

Established in 2003, Skopos Design offers a qualified and experienced garden design and architectural service to both private and commercial clients throughout the Mediterranean.
Skopos Design is a partnership of combined services which are listed below. Our portfolio of work includes large private gardens, villa design in partnership with qualified engineers.

– Landscape Architecture
– Architectural Design
– Soft Landscaping.
– Surveying
– Garden maintenance
– Plant orders
– Villa Management

Facebook Page : Skoposdesign Architecture & Landscape

In Cooperation With : North East Corfu

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North East Corfu – Social Media

Real Estate Corfu Greece.
We provide villas, plots and houses in Corfu Greece. As real estate agent specialised in the North East of Corfu we guarantee that you will find a partner that will satisfy your needs. Specialised in luxury villas, large plots and summer holiday houses.
Please visit us on or in our facebook pages on google plus or instagram searching for north east #corfu #real #estate #luxury #villas. Gaia property development and north east real estate corfu are partners for your best outcome.

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The Old Venetian Houses of Corfu Town

It is clear that the architecture of Corfu was sealed in the 18th and the 19th century with various examples of buildings that have made Corfu Town one of the most impressive European cities.

Even from antiquity, Corfu was a fortified city with two ports and the agora surrounded by impressive buildings, palaces and forts. During the Byzantine era, Corfu island was constantly raided by pirates and at that time many fortresses and castles were built like the Angel Castle, the Gardiki Castle and the impressive Fortress of Saint Mark, also known as the New Fortress in Corfu Town.

Its all too easy to wonder away from the few busy streets and find yourself in another era, narrow streets between tall buildings with cloths hanging to dry between balconies, old people looking after their flowers, had it not been for the annoying presence of cars and scooters, it would be a scene out of a Hollywood film about Venice.

This small but colorful city has an addictive quality which cannot be explained, only experienced, there are countless people who have fallen for this mysterious attraction, some just keep coming back, some simply never left.

You can see here some Venetian buildings from Corfu Town.

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GAIA Property Development

GAIA Property Development
Sinies, NEcorfu, Greece 49081           [email protected]
tel: +302663081823                gsm: +306944371019

Is a group of professionals, providing project management, property development and investment, consulting and construction services.

 Administrator:  Nicolas A. Adriotis. (Land Engineer)

Studies:   Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Faculty of Technological Application, Department of Surveying Engineering

What we do :
Gaia encompassing activities, that ranges from the research, investigation and survey for the purchase of raw land, to design and study, construct, till the use of the project and servicing during the operation. As developers, we are the coordinators of the activities, converting ideas inspired on paper, into real property. We build projects, create, imagine, control and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end. We help to determine the marketing of the property, develop the building program and design, obtain the necessary public approvals, build the structure, manage, and ultimately use it. We work with many different counterparts along each step of the process, including, city planners, architects, civil and mechanical engineers, inspectors, landscape architects, designers, decorators, subcontractors, financial agents and any other is necessary for the success of the project.

Our services :

Private Purpose :

  • Land surveving, research, investigation for any land or existing building to obtain the necessary public approvals and certification for the purchase of it.
  • Design of construction and landscaping.
  • Static’s studies and calculations.
  • Mechanical studies and calculations.
  • Undertaking of any construction as constractors or project managers.
  • Permissions for building, renovating, use and operate business.
  • Illegalization of existing buildings according the Law “4178/2013”
  • Issue of all the necessary certifications for buying renting etc.

Business Purpose :

  • After all the necessary studies and design as above.
  • Issue of the permissions and all the necessary certifications.
  • Approvals of the studies from the public organizations (Touristic organization, Municipality, Prefecture etc).
  • The undertaking of any construction, as constractors or project managers.
  • Managing and servicing during the operation.
  • Financial managing.
  • Classified advertisements.
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Top 5 Things To Do in Corfu


Corfu has been realized with a purpose to offer the most complete guide for the Greek island of Corfù.
In this article we will give you our suggestions to discover Corfù island through its beaches, its historical background, its museums and traditions, giving also a big space to the charming Corfu old town.

  1. Visiting Corfu Town
    With Venetian style buildings, two fortresses, narrow little lanes and numerous restaurants, Corfu Town is a place you’ll want to spend some time exploring. We visited on two occasions, both times around sunset when the temperature was a bit cooler.
    Visit both during the day, and in the evening to see the town in two different lights. It’s one of the most romantic places you ever been and drinking wine in the old town was one of our favourite things to do in Corfu.
  1. Visiting Sightseeings

Palace of St. Michael and St. George
 The Palace of St. Michael and St. George is a palace in Corfu City on the island of Corfu, Greece.
Commissioned by Sir Thomas Maitland, it originally served as the residence of the British Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands.
It was built between 1819 and 1824, to a neoclassical design of Colonel George Whitmore. It was the first Greek Revival building to be built on the territory of modern Greece.
The building is also known as the Royal Palace, the City Palace, or locally by the Greek name Palaia Anaktora.

Corfu Liston was constructed in the first decade of the 19th century and its construction lasted for some decades. The desire to build was the imperial and French design, the pattern follows that of the rue de Rivoli, Paris.

The name Liston presented to resources only in the late 19th century and early twentieth. Leonidas Stanellos in Corfu of “Liston book” reads interesting: ” In the Venetian dialect word” liston “, like the word” lista “and” lizza “have the same meaning as the words” striscia, stricca “. These words mean a piece of any material whose length is greater than the width . ” Yet, “In Corfu, the name “liston” exists since the 18th century., Referring to the wooden structure -liston- that were made for the needs of the ceremony of the “ingresso” (new arrival ceremony Intendant). ” H construction that were erected on the road that connects the Old Fortress MP town along that the current pathway B. Dousmani. If we combined the specific route named “liston”, this was done by reference to the wooden structure the “ingresso “.

Achilleion is a palace built in Gastouri on the Island of Corfu by Empress (German: Kaiserin) of Austria, Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sisi, after a suggestion by Austrian Consul Alexander von Warsberg. Elisabeth was a powerful woman obsessed with beauty, but was deeply saddened by the tragic loss of her only son, Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria during the Mayerling Incident in 1889. A year later she had this summer palace built in the region of Gastouri, about ten kilometres to the south of the city of Corfu in formerly, the municipality of Achilleio; now part of the Corfu municipality. Achilleion’s location provides a panoramic view of Corfu city to the north, and across the whole southern part of the island.

The architectural style was intended to represent an ancient palace of mythical Phaeacia. The palace was designed with the hero Achilles of Greek mythology as its central theme, and from which the name is derived. Corfu was Elizabeth’s favourite vacation place and she wanted a palace to gratify her admiration for

Pontikonisi is a green and tree-lined rock, located at the entrance of the Halikiopoulos lagoon, opposite Ioannis Kapodistrias Corfu Airport.

This rock is one of the most popular and well-known tourist attractions of Corfu. It is under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Corfu and in the last few years various infrastructures, such as the construction of a pier, have been built to accommodate the various boats and boats, which during the summer months make the transportation with the rock from Kanoni, Perama and from the monastery of the Blachernae in Kanoni.

    3. Swimming at the beautiful Canal d’Amour

Canal d’Amour is one of Corfu’s most impressive natural wonders. Marvel at the looming sandstone rock formations that stretch from a small beach into the Ionian Sea. Swim through caves and tunnels or watch local residents jump off the rocks into the warm blue water. Take advantage of unrivaled photography opportunities that capture Corfu’s fascinating landscapes. Canal d’Amour sits on the northwestern tip of Corfu, a short walk from the village of Sidari.

    4. Mountain Biking

The massif Pantokratoras is ideal for mountain bike, with routes suitable for both beginners and skilled bikers. You can either join organized downhill runs and races, or to chose your own downhill run through picturesque roads or through signed pathways.
From the top of the mountain till the beaches in Acharavi, there are 17km of alternating natural scenic and picturesque villages and a view as far as Diapontia islands.
On the top of the mountain the altitude is 917m, and for mountain bike fans there are 12 routes.
Besides the mountain, there are also the coastal routes and the routes out of settlements. Roads and pathways in a row, from Almyros and Antinioti lagoon up to Agios Stefanos and Erimitis, offer bike routes suitable for beginners and experts.

    5. Corfu Nightscapes

Υou can visit the hidden bars where they are hidden inside the Corfiot Straits for a different experience. Also you can find the special corfu beer wich is one of the top 3 best beers in the world. 

These were the best TOP 5 things to do in Corfu and if you fall in love with the wonderful places, then you can visit our site  ” NORTH EAST CORFU ”  to get informed about Luxury Villas, Properties and Lands so you can stay and live your dream!

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Which are the features we need to pay particular attention when investing in a country house (villa)?


Always apply the triptych of Vitruvius (Roman writer, architect and engineer) “firmitas, utilitas, commoditas, venustas” or in English “endurance, usability, comfort and beauty”.

Traditionally, the villa is a type of home that has the purpose of enjoying everyday living. Especially for the villas that our office North East Corfu Real Estate has the honour to represent in the north-eastern part of Corfu we are talking about a luxurious and comfortable living.

But these needs are not just the needs of a simple and formal living, but we refer to the needs of psychological calmness and mental uplift. Such a place we do not just expect to give you a calm living during the summer months but to touch your soul and to become a port of calm that you would like to visit again next summer.

For these reasons, the villa must also express the personality, dynamism and discretion of its owners, giving you the best possible result in your life.

Here comes the role of Gaia property development with which North East Corfu Real Estate has been working over the years and making us one. Our team of architects, engineers and designers are ready to talk to you and help you express your deeper psychological needs for creating the villa expansion, renovation or shaping of your home. It is the point that our team aims to add to the inanimate material, a powerful dose of emotion.

Visit our villas, through our site and get a taste of the space and architecture of each villa. Wander around and let the pictures create their own feelings. Look for your own architectural design oasis in North East Corfu and contact us to help and guide you.

With respect the team of North East Corfu Real Estate.